The Museum

Dimitsana is a “museum” that has dozens of exhibits – sights: Great Temples, and smaller churches and churches, Mansions of major families, the Historical Library of the Dimitsana School, statues of historical persons like Gregorios E, Bishop of Old Patras Germanos, and old bridges over which our ancestors once passed.

In addition to the well-known houses of Patriarch Gregory E, Germanos and Antonopoulos we have identified, after a tedious search, the houses

• Five Saints
• Three Ecumenical Patriarchs and four Patriarchs of Jerusalem
• Two Ethno-martyrs
• Many Filikos, Chiefs and Fighters of ’21
• The founders of the Historical School of Dimitsana
• One Olympic Champion
• The First Mayor of Athens (Anargyros Petrakis)
• Two Kolokotroni grammars
• The Archbishop of America Jacob
• The Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Theoklitos
• The mother of Karyotakis
• Many Benefactors, Historians, University Professors, Politicians and other personalities

Dimitsana also offers
• Seventeen churches in the settlement and another nine in the surrounding rural area
• Sections or wall remains of ancient Tefthidas dated from 1500 BC.
• Old fountains, bridges and other interesting elements.

It is therefore Dimitsana a Museum. An Open Living Museum. An unusual museum, without large reception rooms and closed exhibition spaces with glass, displays and marble floors. Instead, the visitor will find rugged stone alleys, historic buildings, ancient walls, old churches and traditional fountains. He will feel the cool breeze as he turns to the corners of the houses, find himself in places with incredible views, rest in the small squares and take out stunning photographs without any limitation.

Since the effort to highlight the “Museum” is at its beginning, the visitor will identify several mainly technical shortcomings. The markings are still very limited, the punctuality in some places difficult, our page on social networks “under construction” !. Nevertheless, the city tour will be unforgettable. Open the Interactive Map on your mobile or print the Map and go ahead!

The sights are divided into the following categories:

• Churches
• Museums
• Houses of historic families/personalities
• Fountains / Bridges
• Monuments
• Ancient Teuthis

See the categories with all the interesting points on the map