Unusual stories, unlikely myths and rituals, important historical and political events make up the image of this place, from antiquity to the present day. A mountain town, hidden in the center of the Peloponnese.

Nature here is not just beautiful scenery. It is a vital element of the city, harmoniously connected with its architecture, but also with the way of life and the habits of its inhabitants. The completely absent sea, the ubiquitous rivers, the small and fertile valleys, the smooth mountains and the steep cliffs have forged the historical and cultural character of this city.

Dimitsana is an unusual museum! There are no large reception halls with cash registers and closed exhibition areas with glass displays and marble floors as in the usual museums. On the contrary, here you will find rugged stone alleys, historic buildings, ancient walls, old churches and cold fountains. You will feel the cool breeze as you turn in the corners of the houses; you will find yourself in places with incredible views and rest in the small squares and take pictures, free, without any restrictions. All authentic and untreated with time being their only “conservator”.

Prepare all your senses, walk into its alleys and discover it.



Dimitsana is a historical settlement of Arcadia, in the center of the Peloponnese, with unique natural beauty and a long history. It has offered a lot to religion, culture and the very freedom of Greece. Is particularly known for its religious tradition, the contribution to education and the decisive contribution to the 1821 struggle. Today, Dimitsana, a religious, educational and commercial center, bases its viability and development almost exclusively on Tourism. And the attraction of visitors, which has diminished in the years of the crisis, is mainly due to its natural beauty, its traditional architecture, but less to its history. Dimitsana, however, has a long history starting from classical antiquity times with the ancient Tefthis, passes through Byzantium with the Monastery of Philosophos and the Byzantine temples and reaches the newer years with its enormous offer in the struggle of 1821 against Turks.

The Conference & Cultural Center of Dimitsana wants to highlight this history. It is a public benefit institution under the supervision and control of the Ministers of Economy, Finance, Education and Culture, aiming at the intellectual and cultural development of the inhabitants of Dimitsana and the wider region and its connection to Greek and International Centers for Cultural Research and Studies. Within the framework of its activities, it has collected and organized elements of the material and immaterial Cultural Heritage of Dimitsana and the surrounding area and tries to highlight them and present them to the visitors, by creating the Dimitsana Living Museum.

The purpose of the Living Museum is the development of the town, through the promotion of the history of Dimitsana and its contribution to the Greek nation throughout the years. The Conference and Cultural Center of Dimitsana (CCCD) has set its sights on the Dimitsana of the future, the one that connects its history with today’s busy traveler. See more about the Conference & Cultural Center of Dimitsana.