1. Spilitopoulos Mansion – Members of the secret Friends Society, chieftains of the revolution of 1821, suppliers of gunpowder
  2. House of Patriarch Gregory E’- Ecclesiastical Museum & chapel
  3. Digenopoulos Mansion – chieftains of the revolution of 1821, politicians
  4. House of Ieronymos Vogiatzis – Principal of the School of Dimitsana, Archaeological researcher
  5. Michael Oikonomou-Kazis House – Secretary of Kolokotronis, Members of the secret Friends Society, chieftains of the revolution of 1821
  6. Koukouzis Mansion – Family of Archbishop of America Iakovos
  7. House of Bishop Daniel and Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Theoklitos
  8. Skayiannis Mansion – Family of the mother of the poet K. Karyotakis
  9. Karakalos and Petrakis Mansion – Patriarchs, Founders and Abbots of the Monastery of Petrakis in Athens, First Mayor of Athens, Olympic champion
  10. Mansion of the Bishop of Old Patron, Germanos, Member of the secret Friends Society
  11. Antonopoulos Mansion, Saint Martyr Bishop of Thessaloniki Joseph, Martyr Bishop of Sparta Ananias, parlor of the Last Supper of the Revolution of 1821
  12. House of Tom Pappas – Benefactor of Dimitsana, USA Industrialist
  13. Dimitrios Tsakonas Mansion – Minister, Professor of various Universities
  14. Philosophopoulos Mansion – Benefactors of Dimitsana, Family of Nikolaos Politis’ wife, old Episcopate
  15. Takis Kandiloros House – Historian
  16. Charilaos Pournaras mansion – Benefactor of Dimitsana – Old Hospital/Nursing home, Episcopate
  17. Spyros Kazakos Mansion – First High School of Dimitsana (1882-1884)
  18. Labardopoulos Mansion – Founder of the Philosophou Monastery, Saint Dionysius the Wise, Ecumenical and Jerusalem Patriarchs
  19. Balanos Mantion – Politician, Pharmacist
  20. Gerasimos Gounas house – Co-founder of the Dimitsana School (1764)
  21. Ioannis Tsournos house – Politician, Co-founder of the Greek Press Distribution Agency
  22. Stavroula Toula – Benefactor of Dimitsana
  23. Nikolaos Makris – National Benefactor, Benefactor of Dimitsana
  24. Tassos Gitsopoulos – Historian, Benefactor of Dimitsana
  25. Panagiotis Kalas – Tsopanakos – Folk satirist poet and animator for the fighters of the Revolution of 1821
  26. Panagiotis Papaspyridis – Principal of School of Dimitsana
  27. Diamantis Kantzias – Road racing athlete with pan-Hellenic records
  28. Philotheos Hatzis – Bishop of Dimitsana, Martyr of the Revolution of 1821
  29. Michalakis Panagopoulos – the first photographer of Dimitsana
  30. Saint Martyr Efthimios the New
  31. Agapios Leonardos – Co-founder of the Dimitsana School (1764)
  32. Konstantinos Kontogonis – Writer and Dean of the University of Athens
  33. Georgios Karvelas – Historian
  34. Andronikos Mansion – Members of the secret Friends Society, Officers of the Russian Army and Holy Loch
  35. Panagiotis Kokkalis – Undersecretary of Kolokotronis and then his Secretary
  36. Anastas Kallas – Chieftain of Dimitsana
  37. Panagiotis Dimitropoulos (Tsialafos) – fearless warrior of the Revolution of 1821, who defied every danger
  38. Katelouzos family – Benefactors of Dimitsana
  39. Andreas Papagiannis – Chieftain, Prokritos of Dimitsana



  1. Kastorchis (Friends, Metropolitan, Professor of the University, President of the Archaeological Society)
  2. Andreas Papadiamantopoulos (Filikos, Chieftain)
  3. Jelepis Niketas Kountouri (Friends, Ethnocates of ’21)
  4. Dimitrios and Georgios Papoulias (Benefactors of Dimitsana, Academicians)
  5. Yannis Angelopoulos (Worldwide Recognition Baritone)
  6. Niketas Papanikitopoulos (Prokritos, Demetris, political advisor of Th. Kolokotronis
  7. Dimitris Terzopoulos (Benefactor of Dimitsana, Founder of the suburb of Agia Paraskevi, Athens)
  8. Othon and Athena Stasinopoulou (Benefactors of Dimitsana)
  9. Vassilis Anagnostopoulos (Trusted Bodyguard by Th. Kolokotronis)