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In 1934, Dimitsana’s famous clock tower, which still rises proudly above the town, was financed by donations from Dimitsana expatriates living in the U.S. (see photo below). In 2018 the children, grandchildren, other relatives and friends of those same people are being invited to membership in The Living Museum of Dimitsana. Together they will preserve the structures and grounds where their families and friends lived and worked. To be part of this important preservation initiative, please join us as a member of the Living Museum of Dimitsana at one of the following membership levels:

Friend – $100
Recognized on website

Trailblazer – $250
Recognized on website, electronic materials and trail signage

Family Tree – $500
Recognized on printed and electronic materials and at entry to your family home

Fountain – $1,000
Recognized on printed and electronic materials and at signage at fountain

Bridge – $1,000
Recognized on printed and electronic materials and on bridge signage

Mayor’s Circle – $5,000
Recognized on all printed and electronic materials, signage and on event invitations

Business – $10,000
Recognized on all electronic materials with link to your company website, including news releases, event invitations and social media

Associate – Other Amount $_________

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Athens Office: Agiou Konstantinou 57, 10437 Athens
Phone: +30 697 244 6890


Information Center in Dimitsana : Conference & Cultural Center of Dimitsana
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 14:00, Monday  to Friday
Phone: +30 27950 32111

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